Custom Home Building in Penticton

There’s something about the Okanagan Valley that draws people here to fulfill their dreams. It might be the views, the weather, the beaches and the amazing opportunities to explore the outdoors, or something else entirely, but people find it hard to resist the call of the Valley.

If you’re anything like most people who move here, your dreams include a custom-built new home. It’s only natural to want something that is perfectly suited to your version of happiness when you move to a place like Penticton. And, if you’re anything like a growing number of people who are moving to our beautiful region, you want your home to be built with the future in mind.

Not just your future. Not just the future of your home. But the future of Penticton, the Okanagan Valley and our planet.

As luck would have it, these days not only can you build the house of your dreams, but you can build it with the future in mind. That’s where I come in…

Penticton’s Green Home Builder

Hi, I’m Jordy Ydse. I’m a third generation carpenter and builder who was raised in Penticton.

When I was younger, I did what most people did. I moved to the city and got a job working for a bigger company. I ended up as a construction manager for a construction company. I spent a number of years working for this big company, organizing and managing crews ranging from 10 people all the way up to 40.

We built hospital, banks, restaurants and, of course, houses, too. It was an exciting time and I learned a lot about the construction industry and what it takes to work with people to get a job done. Not only did I work with the architects, engineers and consultants involved in the project, I also worked directly with the clients.

After a few years in the city I returned home to Penticton. I worked for other people for a little while, but soon realized that I was one solving everyone’s problems. My expertise and experience meant I was ideally suited to fixing other people’s problems.

So I started my own business.

I want to build houses that used better products, are built cleaner and are built with the future in mind.

See, I’m a bit of a tree hugger and I’m the first to admit it. I have spent most of my life exploring the hills and trails around Penticton and the world. I want to ensure that the younger generations can do the same.

I’m trained in R2000, Passive and Net Zero building techniques and I love to build homes that meet those standards. Of course, I also realize that those standards are not always possible in others people budgets, and will not push you in that direction if it doesn’t fit your budget.

We excel in better building practices and energy efficient/performing homes and, with the new energy step code in place, we are ready to serve you to meet these growing requirements.

If you’re ready to live in the house you’ve always dreamed of or fix up part of the home you already have, let’s talk.

Let’s Build Your Dreams